Welcome to Our Curriculum, Supporting the Needs of Our Community since 1981

                   We welcome all children and families to the Preschool

We are an experienced team motivated to meet the individual needs of the children

We have a learning environment that is safe, warm, caring and friendly; politeness and thought for others are to be encouraged and we are mindful of the Prevent Duty and that the British Values are embedded into our day to day practice.

We have a child centred approach which enables us to explore children’s interests through a balance of child lead experiences and ideas, supported by adults, to scaffold and extend their learning.

We recognise that all children are individuals and learn in different ways.

Promoting an inclusive environment which is evaluated and changed to meet the needs of the children

We understand that children need to be motivated and interested to learn.

We understand the need for a holistic view of the child and their families. Therefore we promote a strong key person system and staff are available at all times to discuss any concerns with parents.


Ways in which we do this include:

Visits within and around the community and invites into the Preschool by professionals and parents to enhance experiences and the teaching of cultural capital

Good parent partnership through our key person system, good communications within the setting and with professionals. Regular parents evenings and feedbacks daily with parent carers

Staff continue to enhance their knowledge and experiences though CPD training and mentoring others with regular sharing of ideas and consults with other professionals

School leavers programme to ensure smooth well prepared transitions into Primary schools and Specialist provisions within the area

We teach and encourage children to adopt healthy lifestyles and healthy bodies